9090 NFT Collectibles + IP ownership

Elite 9090

Secrecy allows people to speak honestly without fear of repercussions. Global Elites mingle in a relaxed and luxurious environment with business leaders and discuss confidential NFT ideas. Does this all lead to the idea of ​​world domination? f*cking yes!

Our goal is to extend the utility of the use-case of every NFTs and you as the holders will have the rights IP ( Intelectual Property ) and any royalties of your NFTs from any commercial used such as but not limited to video game, film or animation, advertising, and publishing.

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Roadmap 1.0Roadmap

15% SOLD

Unlock 2 ETH giveaway & Community Wallet

We are giving away 2 ETH to 10 lucky genesis minters as the reward of honor become supporters at our early stage!

A community wallet will be initiated and will be filled with ETH that will be used to mopping or swept the floor and reinvesting it into the community.

25% SOLD

Limited Merch Drop for Genesis Minter

We will send a limited merch for genesis minter, We really appreciate and honored minter as our early supporter.

But how about with Elite Agent that will buy from the secondary market like Opensea? do not worry we have another merch drop for all of our Elite Agent or Elite Holders.

50% SOLD

20 ETH for Community Wallet

To celebrate 50% sold of ELite 9090 collection we will fill the community wallet with 20 ETH that will be used for mopping or swept the floor and reinvested it to the community for collaboration, promoting, and giveaway!

75% SOLD

Decentraland Land + Weareable Item

We will buy land at Decentraland where we as Elite Agent can hang out and plan for what next, we will also host a virtual event at Decentraland.

For the event party, you need a costume, right? don't worry there is a wearable NFTs drop that can be used as your costume at Decentraland.

Step 5

100% SOLD

Short Series Animation - Mystery Drop - Exclusive Membership

Short Series Animation will be made from the Elite 9090 collection, the character that will be used in this series will receive exclusive rewards!

Mystery Airdrop will be initiated to all holders who really support the project.

Exclusive membership and perks will be unlocked for the holders.

We won't stop until here! after all, milestone is executed we will plan the Roadmap 2.0

Elite Team

The Elite

Project Lead & Co-Founder

Elite 007

Designer & Co-Founder

Elite 404

Developer & Co-Founder

Elite Killer

Community Chief